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Dear Chessfriends of the Chess World,

I am happy to hear again, that my old friend, Dragan Kotevski organizes this year also his famous Open chess events event in Obrenovac - Serbia.
I offer to all of you to go there and play chess because of the reasons:

1. Mr. Kotevski is very hardworking and reliable person,

2. The guest friendship of the Serbian nation is traditional, I like them very much, how they communicate,

3. The playing condition in the hotel OBRENOVAC are excellent, professional approach to the organisation,

4. The prize conditions are also worth to the player to go there.

5. The hotel OBRENOVAC prizes are also reasonable,

6. I am sure if a player goes there, gets very high level of impression about the Serbian life nowadays.

7. Usually there are 80-100 persons there from 10-15 countries, a good possibility to make International chess friendships.

8. After the Obrenovac Open event we start in BUDAPEST the FIRST SATURDAY GM and IM closed tournament (3rd-13th December)  - it is possible to combine two events in this Central European area.

Your feedback would be highly appreciated...:-)
Chessfriendly love:

Nagy, Laszlo
FIDE International chess organizer,
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