Building of the Belgrade Centre of Physical Culture
The seat of the Belgrade Chess Federation

In 1950s, Belgrade had no special city organisation to deal with the development and promotion of chess. Since a need for that was felt, many chess enthusiasts established the Belgrade Chess Federation on 15 June 1957 and elected Vojin Djurasinovic-Kostja as its president and Slavoljub Ivkovic as its secretary . The greatest achievements of Belgrade chess, as well as the general development of chess in Serbia and Yugoslavia (both SFRY and FRY), are inseparably linked with the overall activity of the Chess Federation of Belgrade. Founded on 15 June 1957, the Chess Federation of Belgrade has always been the pillar of both amateur and professional chess in Yugoslavia, the chief initiator and organizer of most significant chess activities and successful host of the largest domestic and international chess events. The Chess Federation of Belgrade has greatly contributed to Belgrade's status as the world's second-greatest metropolis of chess, and to the promotion and reputation of Belgrade, Serbia and Yugoslavia in the world.

Among the presidents of the Chess Federation of Belgrade there were people of various professions, but they all had one thing in common: a love for chess. They were real enthusiasts and much of their leisure time they devoted to chess. A lot of effort was invested in the growth and development of the chess organization. In their strife to advance the chess life in Belgrade, all of these people left something to be remembered by.

In the new millenium, the era of computers and internet, Belgrade Chess Federation realized the necessity of the existence of a website where all lovers of chess will be able to obtain all the information they want. Test version of a website is designed by Vladica Andrejic , the student of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade, and it has been available since February 22nd, 2001.

Vojin Djurasinovic - Kostja
Rodoljub Andric
Nikola Karaklajic
Lucijan Stegic
Dragoljub Milicevic
Zivko Tesic
Borivoje Drazic
Bogosav Masovic
Aleksandar Smiljanic
Milan Milicevic - Aca
dr Andreja Savic
Slobodanka Milivojevic
Zika Stokic
Radomir Stojkovic


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