In order to give young and talented players opportunity to  mesure their skills with experienced masters from abroad, in 1948 from 25th to 18 th January, the first international tournament was organized. 2o players participated, playing in accordacnce with the Berger's system.

The last international tournament marking the anniversary of liberation of Belgrade was played in 1969. and such tournaments suited to the occasion were not played untill 1975. This practice was continued in 1975, when the 1st  International October Championship of Belgrade was  staged in Belgrade from 24. October to 7. November. These tournaments were staged in accordance with the Swiss system every year until 1987. There were 13 tournaments altogether.

  Altogether 1327 players competed in them and 106 of these players were foreign ones from 28 countries in five countinents, including: Algeria, Argentine, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Chile, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, France, Isreal, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Canada, Columbia, Cuba, Luxembourg, Hungary, New Zeland, Paraguay, Poland, USA, Switzerland and Spain.

   The hotel »Yugoslavia« in Belgrade from 04 to 15 December 1988th held a major international chess JAT GMA-open tournament, which was played in the World Cup qualifying. He performed 158 players from 27 countries, including 100 grandmasters, 76 international masters, etc., which is an unprecedented record in the world by the number of grandmasters in one tournament, with the exception of chess oloimpijade.

This grand event was held the world chess in the open tournament in Belgrade, and is considered as the XIV International Open Championship of Belgrade.

  From year 2001 (when 14. tournament was played ) till this year,  all tournaments were played in Obrenovac, under the sponsorship of Belgarde Assambly.

All of these tournaments produced a high publicity impact and helped many chess players to acquire experience and win rating points, while some of them won bals for international titles. All of them were played in accordance with the Swiss system. International Open championship of  Belgrade was included in system of competition, which is under sponsorship of Secretary of sport and youth named '' Belgrade Trophy''.



GM Ernst Sipke (NED)
GM Dragiša Blagojevic (MNE)
GM Dziuba Marcin (POL)

22. Belgrade Trophy 2008

 (27.11 - 05.12.2008)

IM Srdjan Cvetkovic (SRB)

21. Belgrade Trophy 2007

 (22 - 30.11.2007)

GM Zvonko Stanojoski (MKD)

20. Belgrade Trophy 2006

 (22 - 30.11.2006)

GM Zvonko Stanojoski (MKD)

19. Belgrade Trophy 2005

 (22 - 30.11.2005)

GM Bosko Abramovic (SCG)

18. Belgrade Trophy 2004

 (22 - 30.11.2004)
GM Bogomil Andonov (BUL)

17. Belgrade Trophy 2003

 (17 - 25.11.2003)
GM Nikola Dukic (SCG)
 (18 - 28.11.2002)
GM Miodrag R. Savic (SCG)
 (26.11 - 4.12.2001)
GM Dejan Antic (SCG)





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