Belgrade, 14-16.04.2006.


Invitation to the Festival - detailed program

1. The 3 rd Belgrade Internet Composing TT

(March 5 th April 5 th )

2. The 3 rd International Team & Individual Solving Championship of Serbia & Montenegro (April 15 th 16 th )


System of competition

Ad 1. Open for all. Two Judge of both tourneys: Z ivko Janevski ( Macedonia )

Ad 2. System and rules of competition are the same as for the WCSC.
Judge: Hans Gruber ( Germany )


The overall winner of the Festival will be selected among problemists who participate in at least one composing and in the solving tourney. The following points from the three competitions will be summed according to the Liga Problemista Scale to get the winner:

A Scale for the first ten places in solving competition: 17 points, 13, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 points.

B Scale for the first ten places in each composing competition: 13 points, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point.




Foreign solvers: 20 places are reserved for the solving tourney.

Domestic solvers: 22 places are reserved for the solving tourney. The 8 highest placed solvers of the 29 th National Championship 2005 + the 8 best from the SCG Solvers League 2005 + 2 best from the January 2006 Rating list + the best 4 from the Belgrade Semifinal are entitled to participate in the 3 rd International Championship of SCG (30 th National Championship) 2006.

april 14th
Meeting at the reception of "Slavija" Hotel.
Welcome and information

Mini lectures and other social affairs
Milan Velimirovic: "At Grasp...but Uncollected (#2)"
Miodrag Mladenovic: "Quarternary Black Correction in #3"
Zdravko Maslar: "Identical Final Positions in h# & h="

(Chess Club Beograd, Kralja Milana 27/I)

april 15th
Rounds 1-3 - 3rd International Championship of SCG
Belgrade Chess Federation (Deligradska 27/III)

Mini lectures and other social affairs
Hans Peter Rehm: "Remarks about Same Themes in Different Kinds of Chess Composition (#n, s#n, h#n)"
Eric Huber: "A Tribute to Zeno Proca (1906-1936) at His Centenary (Retractor)"
Dinu-Ioan Nicula: "Romanian Composers Discovered in Magazines from XIX-th Century (#2, #3)"

(Chess Club Beograd, Kralja Milana 27/I)

april 16th
Rounds 4-6 - 3rd International Championship of SCG
Belgrade Chess Federation (Deligradska 27/III)
Closing ceremony at the Chess Club Beograd, Kralja Milana 27/I
Afternoon and Evening
Having fun with the good company
(Chess Club Beograd, Kralja Milana 27/I)



This event is planned to be the cheapest possible for all the guests. Everybody can choose his-own accommodation and there will be no entry-fee for the participants.

The ** Hotel Slavija http://www.slavijahotel.com/indexe.php

is reserved for participants, with the lowest possible price we could get for such a conditions in the center of Belgrade : Half board, including Buffet breakfast 26 Euro per person per day in a double room, and 36 Euro in a single room. An additional meal costs 7 Euro.

The Hotel Slavija is located right at the Slavija Square (tel. ++381-11-344-30-11, e-mail rezervacija@slavijahotel.com ).

The Hotel door is exactly the last stop of the official Bus from the Belgrade Airport (and its starting point when you go to the Airport). It is around 1,5 km up the main Train and Bus Stations (only one tram stop No 2 and 9), and around 300 meters down the Belgrade Chess Federation (Deligradska 27/III, tel ++381-11-2656-846), where the solving competitions will be held.


Entry Deadline

Please, confirm the type of rooms you would like to reserve, the dates of arrival and departure, as well as approximate hours, as soon as possible. The final date for the receipt by E-mail is April 10 th 2006 .


Contact person

Marjan Kovacevic, Vukova 6, 11080 Zemun, Serbia & Montenegro. Phone ++381-11-2610-374

E-mail: marjan@verat.net and/or makovacevic@politika.co.yu



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